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Laboratory App: Lab Equipment Help (Video)

Jul 18, 2018

Selecting the perfect laboratory stirrer for your chemistry, biology, or microbiology laboratory applications from thousands of models available can be overwhelming. In this episode, our editor-in-chief John Buie talks about key items to keep in mind before acquiring hotplate stirrers and magnetic stirrers.

Getting the show on the road, John started by enumerating important application requirements that users must consider, the first step to narrowing down stirrer options. He gave a good list of items to review including temperature requirements, rpm requirements, type of experiments done, plus more and suggested what type of lab stirrer to purchase based on each of these.

To familiarize users on various laboratory stirrer types and help them decide which one suits their applications best, John also compared and differentiated each of the commonly used scientific stirrer types.

Here is the link mentioned on the episode:

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